About Us

About Khalifah I Whitner Imperial Publishing

If you want your students or children to be engaged in English and achieve success through Reading then you are looking in the right place. Our products and services are designed to assist Educators, Parents, and Homeschoolers with the necessary resources to improve learner engagement. 

Whether it’s through our Books, classroom games, and activities or our ESL e-books, audio and video  Khalifah I Whitner Imperial Publishing are simply helping to make teaching time more interactive. We offer the material and resources for Teachers, Parents, and Businesses to support them in building better students, classrooms, and libraries.

Resources for Businesses and Educators

We provide award-winning resources  for classrooms, teachers, businesses, and homeschoolers. As well as helpful books that aid teachers, parents, and caregivers in curriculum instruction. Offering storybooks, activities books, school furnishing, and games for language learning, and literacy. 


As your child's' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter Succeed in school. We invite you to explore our book store www.littlezahrabookstore.com  and our author's page to find the best books for your child. We can work with you to help you find the books that suit your child's learning style; so your child gets all they can out of their growing years.