Meet Author Khalifah I Whitner

Khalifah I Whitner

Khalifah I Whitner I Whitner grew up in Detroit Michigan and currently lives in Everett Washington. She made her second home in Yokohama Japan; where she lived and worked as an English teacher specializing in ESL Education. With a degree in Near Eastern Asian Studies, she traveled extensively in Asia and the Middle East.  She started as an ESL teacher teaching elementary school, Middle School, and Special Education in Japan.  She participated in creating the voice–over for Canadian ESL Audiobook Series Maple Leaf Learning. Khalifah also collaborated with Canadian Illustrator Warren Muzak to create her first book My Best Friend.  Khalifah spends her time writing and illustrating ESL Children's  books.   She is best known for her Classroom Books such as I Did not Cry The Blues On my First Day of School and  Show and Tell Surprise. Her Books features handy teaching notes and structured classroom activities, and games for educators. From back-to-school games and activities to show- and- tell organizational tips and handy lesson plans. Her books are a valuable resource that helps educators organize and successfully introduce classroom themes. 

I Did Not Cry the Blues On My First Day Of School

It is Mana’s first day of school, and she is excited and optimistic.  Once she arrives at school, she realizes that it is not difficult to talk to people and make friends. Find out how Mana makes new friends at her new school. 

ISBN:  97809829472


Show-and-Tell Surprise

"Show and tell is a special day you see because on the Day I can bring anything"  Everything goes haywire when little Nick brings his eight-legged friend to Show- and- Tell.

ISBN: 978-0-9829472-2-7